I’m going to be blunt. This is important, as it will make you self-aware and change your approach in life. But essentially, how you got here…won’t get you there.

What that means is that everything you have done in the past and decisions made to get to this point in your life….will not help you get to where you want to go.

So if you are not satisfied with your finances, your weight, your relationships, career or any aspect of your life – you have to review the approach you have taken so far. You have to review your daily attitude. You have to review your strategies, tactics and plans – if there are any at all, in order to set about changing things. Here are the key shifts required:

Set goals and know your why

When you set a goal, you are acknowledging to your conscious and sub-conscious that where you are, is not where you want to be. As a result, you feel dissatisfied. That’s when you have real power and motivation to achieve the goals, because pressure and tension drive human behavior.

Set goals explicitly, and also be clear why you want them. How will they make you feel? This is important because the purpose of the goal is much stronger than the outcome. The purpose of goals is what they will make of you as a person. Because at the end of your life, what’s important is who you are as a person.

So enjoy the process, and don’t get too hung up on the outcome…it’s more sustainable that way.

Also ask yourself how would you feel and what would it cost you if you didn’t achieve the goals? Tony Robbins suggests setting goals twice a year, review the goals monthly and review your top goals daily.


To get to where you want to be, you need to surround yourself with people who have been through a similar path and have been there and done it. Having a mentor is so important as you need role models and someone to pick you up if you stray. Surround yourself with books, attend courses, and listen to podcasts that are aligned with your goals.

In fact, it has been proven that listening to someone speak through audio, i.e. a recording or podcast, has the same effect as if that person was sitting next to you. You want to immerse yourself into powerful podcasts! Ex-monk Jay Shetty and life-coaches Satori Prime have awesome, inspiring podcasts I highly recommend.


Daily tasks and routine leads to consistency, which leads to momentum.

“When you experience positive momentum, you’ll never want it to stop.” — Dan Sullivan, founder of Strategic Coach

You will notice that successful people keep progressing and conquering goal after goal. They’ve worked hard to develop their momentum and know what it feels like to not have momentum. Being without momentum is rough. It’s how most people live their lives. And without momentum, results are minimal, even with lots of effort.

This is why consistency is key to developing momentum. By putting intentional effort toward a singular goal or vision, and eventually, the compound effect takes over, and you find that your reward is beyond what you expected.

So the key shift you need to make is setting aside time daily to work towards your goal. This time needs to be pre-scheduled and allows for your full focus and determination. Continuous work and practice at anything will eventually allow you to master whatever it is. Author Malcolm Gladwell’s research based on review of successful people, states that 10,000 hours of repetitive effort is required to become an expert at anything.

Think bigger!

This is an important shift, because we don’t always allow ourselves to dream. Remember there is no boundary to what is possible. Instead of seeking to earn £100k a year, why not aim for £1m a year. There’s no rule out there or judgement of you that says you’re not allowed to achieve that target. The universe can deliver whatever you want. Instead of setting a time horizon of 2 years, why not achieving it in 6 months?

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By thinking big, your brain automatically starts to think about the steps and tactics to take so you are positioned to achieve those big goals. And a huge part of this, is to reconfigure your reticular activating system (RAS) using visualization.

In any case, by setting larger goals you will find that you will surpass your initial, smaller goal at a much swifter pace. Consider that….

When I started my online venture, I realized that I had to make some shifts in my daily habit, take action and and changes my mindset. Some examples include;

  • Scheduling time in the morning, afternoon and late evening to work and acquire skills
  • Visualization and meditation
  • Getting a new laptop
  • Buying a camera tripod
  • Going beyond my comfort zone
  • Using downtime to mastermind and research
  • Ensure my fitness goals weren’t being sacrificed.
man sitting on cliff feeling free

Remember, where you are in your life at this moment is down to the decisions and choices you made. All it takes is a mindset shift and your path can easily change to one of freedom, choice and fulfillment.

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Best wishes

Working in a corporate desk job, I always looking forward to my lunch time workout! It gets my blood going, perks me up for the afternoon and ticks off that box that says I need to get some exercise in for the day.

If you have a commute like mine (around 2hrs), then a pre-work gym session means waking up earlier and entering a near-packed gym. Conversely, hitting the gym after work means I get home later and have little time to spend with my son. That’s why I prefer the lunch break workout. And my favorite type of workout is the total body workout! For me it the best workout for your lunchtime break. If you have an hour for your lunch break, then with a total body workout you can spend around 30 min working out, and the remainder to get ready/get dressed.

Build muscle, Burn Fat

This type of workout targets the largest muscles in the body (chest, back, legs, shoulders) in one session which means a higher testosterone and growth hormone release and makes your heart work faster compared to just focusing on specific body parts, i.e the bro split. As a result, you achieve faster levels of fat loss, and muscle mass gains!

In a full body workout, you will be utilizing those compound muscle groups therefore working as many muscle fibers as possible – thus releasing the greatest amount of testosterone. For example, a bench press not only utilizes the chest muscles, but also shoulders and arms.

Leg exercises especially are known for this, and in a full body workout you will have at least one leg exercise per workout. Being a major muscle group, you’ll find that incorporating leg exercises as part of your total body workout certainly leaves you breathing hard. Read on below for an example of my total body workout split.

Muscle rest

In case of an injury to a particular muscle group, the total body workout allows you to omit the exercise(s) that aggravate the injury and replace it with others that don’t.

With a split body workout though, if one major muscle group gets injured that could throw off an entire day’s workout, so that will definitely put a large kink in your program plan.

No boredom!

When targeting specific body parts, i.e. leg day, it really can be a chore visiting the gym and performing those same workouts. However with a total body workout, you can go from exercising your shoulders to pumping your legs before finishing with your chest. It just makes it more interesting, and your WHOLE body will feel like it’s been through a workout.

What’s more – with a targeted workout, say arms – as you work your biceps and triceps in a session undergoing different types of exercises you find that your effectiveness drops due to bicep/tricep muscle fiber fatigue. As a result, you may not realize the gains that you were seeking.

With a total body workout, once you’ve fatigued your chest you still have energy to target other parts of your body thus ensuring there is no drop off in effectiveness of the workout.

Gain strength

The total body workout is also great for the the trainee looking to get as strong as possible with a set of compound movements. Many popular power lifting programs involve full-body training. Each primary exercise is rarely trained to failure each session, but usually some version of the compound lifts is trained several times per week with different intensity and load. If your goal is to get as strong as possible in a specific exercise, you should train that movement more than once a week. And that’s what an effective total body workout plan can target. Read on below for an example of my total body workout split.

My total body workout

As mentioned, I prefer a 30-35 minutes total body workout during my lunch break as it allows me to do so much more in the time available. Essentially, I want most of my body to be feeling sore. See below an example of my workout split for a week (training 4 days). As you can see I aim to incorporate all of the major muscle groups, i.e. back, chest, legs and arms/shoulders into the workout.

Pull ups and dipsBarbell
Pull ups

barbell press
Incline chest
Leg pressShoulder
Bulgarian single
leg squats with
bicep curls
TricepsIncline seated
bicep curls
Overhead tricep
Chest cable
Flat bench
Leg raise for quads
Ab workoutLower
Ab workout

You can use this great guide from for the different workouts listed above, or the CrossFit YouTube channel. Essentially, I normally perform 4 sets of 6-10 of each of the above exercises, and use a weight where I fail on the last rep. You want to aim for progressive overload, i.e. increase the weights to gain muscle mass but not compromising on form!

If you have a passion for fitness but struggle to find time during the week with work commitments, then it is worth considering an online business that frees up your time. I would suggest clicking here to learn about creating a profitable, online business in simple steps from a community of world-class online entrepreneurs – as I am currently doing.