Describing how changes in the economy require you to review your skillset to adapt to a more digital based economy

The traditional economic system comprises of those platforms, means of production and work culture in which we immerse ourselves daily to earn a living. This type of economy was underpinned by the industrial revolution before a transition to a more services based offering.

The traditional economy also bought upon some of the worst depressions over the last century including 1929-33, 1980-82, 1990-92, 2007-08. These recessionary periods occurred due to a variety of reasons – but mainly underpinned by a reliance on the traditional economies.

From 1980, a new economy was spawned – the ‘digital economy’. This was driven by the advent of electronics, record-players, computers and drawing upon the advantages of integrated circuits (i.e. cramming thousands of transistors into a microchip!) for more commercial applications.

The 1990s and the introduction of the Internet to the mainstream is what rocketed the digital economy. Suddenly there was a platform to market products and services to a wider audience, and traditional advertising media became expensive and ineffective.

Mind-blowing numbers

The Digital Economy is now worth three trillion dollars today! This is about 30% of the S&P 500, six times the U.S.’ annual trade deficit or more than the GDP of the United Kingdom. What is impressive is the fact that this entire value has been generated in the past 25 years since the launch of the Internet.

Consider these phenomenal stats…

  • Half the world’s population is online
  • 2bn social media users (around a third of the world’s population!)
  • 60% use mobile internet
  • $180bn digital advertising spend

The below info-graphics highlight the year-on-year rise in digital buyers since 2014 (in total and split by country);


Note the growth in China!

Tools, skills & resources

SFM (Six Figure Mentors) will help you profit from the digital economy by providing the tools, skills and resources so you can utilize an audience of 2 billion people online! What other advertising out there has that kind of reach and with such a small comparable cost?!

But in order to have a presence and a reach online, you NEED to have a website. This is essentially your digital store. Many people think it is expensive and requires extensive technical knowledge, but you can be up and running in just a few clicks, and I can show you how.

But you need to do more than just have a website. You need to create and deliver value. Alot of people go online to solve a problem. If you can think of your niche or areas you know you can talk/write for ages, then you can truly bring value to people through;

  • Articles/blogs
  • Reports
  • Videos
  • Training course
  • e-books

So build a site around your niche and create your brand. And trust me, you don’t even need to be an expert.

You can then add links and banners to your site to direct people to purchase a product/service similar to your theme. For example, if you’re specialism is photography, your content (on your website) may have cameras or camera-bags advertised for people to purchase. If a sale is made, you can earn off the commission. This is known as Affiliate marketing.

To attract people to your site and to your content (i.e. blog post, video, etc), you need to develop marketing skills. This is where specialized training is essential so you’re not wasting your time, money or effectiveness of your content.

Shifting the mindset

Preparing the next generation is about mindset, too. There are parts of the world that have the technical skills, but lack softer professional and social skills, while other regions boast a strong professional experience, but often lag behind when it comes to technical ability. What’s needed is an equitable transfer of knowledge, know-how and approach.

Expectations are changing. Research shows that an overwhelming 83% of India’s Generation Z view the smartphone as their most coveted electronic gadget. This is the generation that also expects anytime, anywhere learning, a do-it-yourself and collaborative approach to knowledge that includes video chat and tutorials.

Given the exceptional adoption rates of smartphones, it won’t be long before the number of internet users exceeds 3.7 billion, over half the world’s population. The numbers are crazy but it is a reminder that we should all seek to develop digital skills, develop a presence online and not relying on the traditional markets to get by.


Traditional firms are increasingly assessing how to respond to the changes brought about by the digital economy. This includes reviewing their advertising methods, use of social media and embracing Artificial Intelligence. With so much of your current (and future) customer base on an online platform, and with a significant increase in money spent online – surely it makes sense for you to make the transition too?

In summary, here is how the SFM can help you create your online business;

  1. Walk you through creating your online platform, including your website;
  2. Training on how to create value for your target market;
  3. Marketing online to your customer base, including social media promotion;
  4. Identify those high-commission affiliate programs to enable your business to become truly profitable.

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There’s a perception that confidence is something inherent. If you think of people you know that are confident, their actions, verbal skills and timing just seems natural to them – as if they’ve always been that way. They just exude confidence.

But note that confidence is something you acquire as a result of life experiences, i.e. learning from mistakes, assessing and understanding what works well and then implementing those lessons…day in day out.

Here are key building blocks to a more confident you…

Love yourself first

You have to look after yourself first and foremost. This means respecting your body by giving it the right nutrients, rest and exercise. The endorphins from a solid workout session alone give you a great feeling of accomplishment and ‘top of the world’ feeling. Lifestyle guru Tony Robbins said you cant change your mental state unless you alter your physical state and energy. The long term results from more muscle, reduced weight etc are of course a fantastic confidence and self esteem builder.

Eat well. When it comes to looking after yourself, eat at consistent times, have a balanced diet and eat reasonable portions. Have an idea what you should eat for the day and at what times. If you eat oily, greasy and stodgy food you end up feeling lethargic and probably not getting the vitamins and minerals you need.

Once you care for yourself, look after your needs and fill up your cup – only then are you in a position to help and assist others!

Dress well

Inner confidence comes easier when you know that you look good on you. Dressing well is very important for first impressions, how people see you and indicates to others that you like to take care of your appearance – which ties in with loving yourself. Of course, you need to find a style that suits your build and body type. Click here for a useful guide by The Idle man.

I would recommend that you decide on a series of outfit combinations (including shoes) that you really like and work well for a particular activity, occasion or day of the week. It just exudes confidence when you wear outfits that appear natural and effortless on you. Of course, be sure to invest in good quality clothing – even if its on the pricier side. It shows!

Dressing well includes wearing accessories that compliment your style. I would always recommend a great dress watch that is suitable for any occasion. As a suggestion, I highly recommend Vincero watches for their elegance and affordability:

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Goal setting

Give yourself targets each day and aim to conquer most – if not all of them. The sense of achievement does wonders for your mental state and your confidence. Refer to my post below for enhancing your productivity;

At the end of your day you should reflect on your best achievements. The sense of fulfillment from achieving your daily targets tells you that you’re slowly, but surely conquering your projects. You gain so much confidence from accomplishments! Each step goes a long way.

Face your fears

Try not to think twice. If there’s something that makes you uncomfortable, then you’re best bet is to face it full on. If you’re in an awkward or unpleasant situation, count to 5 in your head and take action before you get to 5. This ensures that you’re not giving yourself time to back away and procrastinate. The more fears you conquer, the more you realise there is little to be scared of. Your confidence grows and grows.

Oh and a cold shower every morning is amazing! It just sets you up perfectly for your day, and if you can get through that then nothing will faze you and your confidence sky-rockets!

What you can and can’t control

Know this. There are some things you just can’t control! The weather, people’s reactions, bird crap. The things you can control, i.e. your mood, your work, etc – manage those to the best of your ability.

Those things you can’t control – don’t let them stress you out dude. Move on quickly, stay cool and your confidence remains solid. If you let external uncontrollable things get to you, then you end up affecting your own mental state.

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Learn Learn Learn

You are a product of your environment. Think of the 3 closest people to you, and calculate a rough average of their income. That would probably be close to your income. In addition, your thoughts and lifestyle are highly likely to be aligned to your closest 3 people in your life. Inspect yourself, seek growth and seek inspiring people to be around. You can do this by having mentors, listening to podcasts, watching inspiring people on videos or reading a self development book. By learning something new daily, you’re cultivating a growth mindset and gaining clarity of thought.

Pretty soon you’ll be able to teach others and become a person of value. A fantastic way to develop inner confidence. Remember – the application of knowledge leads to better decisions.
One thing that I’ve been learning is effective digital marketing for generating sales and extra income. If you’re interested in expanding your skills and creating an online business, I encourage you to click here.

Above all, consistent good habits and application is the key to ensuring your confidence is sustainable.