Balancing an online venture with external commitments can be a struggle, and you may feel that you are not able to give as much attention to a lot of areas in your life. It’s a balancing act, but managed effectively can be highly rewarding.

When i started out on my journey to create an online business venture, i was full of energy, excitement and optimism about the possibilities and my vision for the future. After all, the reason i went down the path to create an online business was to fulfill my long held dreams.

With a vision in mind, you naturally start thinking about your goals (short, medium, long term), before you direct your focus on the practical strategies to achieve those goals, for example;

  • create a mindmap;
  • develop a website;
  • blogging and creating content;
  • marketing
  • follow-up/respond to leads/customers
  • meet and network with like minded people

All of the above definitely requires investing in time and money, as well as following through on your tasks/goals to ensure you’re on top of your venture. However your loved ones will want your time, and no doubt you’ll want to spend time with them. I initially struggled to make time for my family during the initial, enthusiastic phase of the online business when I just wanted to continue on full speed ahead. Balancing an online business and external commitments was tricky.

I have a 2 year old son and i was leaving home early for work and coming back late in the evening. In the evening, i would spend half an hour with my son (if that) before putting him to sleep, then eat dinner, do bits and pieces around the house, and then spend time catching up with my wife. As you can imagine i was exhausted to work on my online business as enthusiastic as i was about it!

While working in a Wealth Management firm, it was tricky to do anything towards my online business at work- due to deadlines, meetings, requests from the boss, etc.

So here is what i learned about juggling my business and my family;

Get the support of family members, namely your partner.

Explicitly say to your partner that I will work on my business at such and such time in the morning/evening during the week, and at certain times on the weekend. This creates a level of expectancy and understanding when you are deep into your laptop, and when you might have forgotten to do a certain chore or task.

Man working on laptop for his online business
Man working on online business

Having the support of your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend also gives you the assurance that someone has your back and can pick you up if needed.

Use downtime effectively

If you’re serious about the growth of your business, you will probably be thinking about it constantly. Action is also vital, so always make sure that if you’re commuting, cooking, waiting at the clinic, i.e. you have downtime, then can use that time effectively. This may be in the form of learning, i.e. a podcast, a training course, a webinar, reading an article – or it may be a call with a customer or a mentor to seek advice. Technology has enabled us to do so much more from our phones, so my advice would be to make the most of it. For example, as a Six Figures Mentor member there is so much online marketing and mindset training content available, so while driving I will always training playing in the background and continue to feed my intellect.

One of my mottos is ‘Learn, Implement, Teach’, so if you can do any of those 3 during your downtime then you and your business benefits!

Whatever task you do, do it properly

How you treat any area of your life will usually be the same way you treat and manage another area of your life. For example, if you’re a procrastinator at work , then you’re likely to be procrastinating on your chores at home. The same underlying mindset is inherent across your life.

On that basis, even if you’re excited about your new online venture and will give it the focus to make it succeed, then also make sure you apply the same diligence and effort in other aspects of your life. You want a balanced life, and that means focusing on one thing at a time and giving it your all.

In other words, set time aside with your children and spend quality time with them, and don’t dip in and out of emails, or take a call. And when it comes to working on your online business – then give that your full attention.

Health is wealth

Balancing an online business and external commitments requires proper planning and a good physical state. If you’re not eating well, drinking enough water, exercising or getting enough sleep – it will not be sustainable for you to juggle all your tasks, and something will suffer.

Set aside time to exercise daily. Robin Sharma (writer of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari) states that best time to exercise is in the morning as it releases BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) that repairs brain cells from stress, and increases your metabolic rate to give you energy. So start sweating!

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Stay Committed

Continue to believe in your online business, and know that you have the innate talent, self-confidence and work ethic to keep plugging away. Every little, every day helps and before you know it – you will look back to a year ago and notice a drastic improvement.

AND if you don’t move ahead, you’ll still be sitting in that same office in 10 years, doing the same thing, making incremental more money per year. And that’s fine, if that’s what you want to do – but since you’re here I very much doubt it.

If you’re interested in learning about the online business that I’m creating, please click here and I’ll send you a free video workshop series presented by my mentor.

Thanks for taking the time to learn how to balance an online venture with external commitments.


Productivity is something you hear about a lot, either on the online space or at work. It almost sounds like robotic and demanding, especially when you must juggle all of life’s commitments at the same time. Those who appear productive or seem to glide through life seem to have mastered it. But really, it’s all about planning ahead and just doing the required tasks at the times that work for them.

Here are some hacks you can use to become your most productive self;

Planning ahead for a productive day

I have a note book that I keep just for listing out my tasks and activities to be completed for the day. The way I do it is;

  • Every morning, I jot down a list of any task/project (work or otherwise) that comes to mind;
  • Prioritize according to importance. Usually the top 3-5 are the ones I want to complete for the day to get that sense of achievement;
  • Write in brackets next to each task who or what you are relying on to complete the task;
  • Tackle the tasks and cross them off as you go along!


Daniel Pink’s excellent book ‘When: The Scientific Secrets Of Perfect Timing’ details some useful insights into how to cultivate a productive day – based on science. I highly recommend it.

Every person has their own internal clock, also known as circadian rhythm. Our cognitive functions vary throughout the day and so Pink says we must organise our tasks according to the time of the day.

His scientific research suggests that morning time is best for diligence and analytical tasks, i.e. report writing, data analysis etc. The afternoon is when we have our slump and so is best suited to administrative work that is more process oriented and doesn’t require excessive analysis. Late afternoon and early evening is the best time for generating a creative thought process, i.e. story writing or brainstorm innovative ideas.

So essentially, Pink says that an individual should arrange his daily tasks and activities according to the time of day. Of course, certain groups of people are wired differently, for example, elderly people are early birds, whereas teenagers and adolescents require a lot of sleep and aren’t fully ‘awake’ till late in the morning. This is due to the onset of puberty this lengthens the circadian rhythm in adolescents, i.e. they need more sleep.

Nap time

Taking a nap is also extremely beneficial for productivity. Essentially, a nap is like recharging your brain and so it helps with increasing alertness and motor skills among many other benefits. Some companies even offer napping areas, for example Google installed sleep pods (equipped with music and vibrations!) in its offices for staff requiring a nap.

Pink recommends napping for 10-20min to boost alertness and mental function. Along longer than 20min and sleep interia takes over – meaning you get that oozy feeling and it takes extra time to recover. This defeats the objective of the nap in the first place.


Another way to get the most from your nap, is to drink coffee right before you nap. The effects of caffeine from the coffee aren’t metabolized for about 20 mins – which means you should be raring to go from the natural boost of your nap and the caffeine from coffee!

What I do

Here is what works for me during the day to keep me productive;

  • A full glass of water first thing after waking to re-hydrate my body after sleeping.
  • A big breakfast to give me the energy to get focused for the morning, travel or commit to a task. The breakfast is usually a couple of eggs and avocado with wholemeal toast, porridge and a protein shake. If I don’t have breakfast, I get hunger pangs.
  • Jot down my tasks as described above and attack them. I tend to perform most of my productive work during the morning.
  • Exercise at 11.30am. This is usually a total body workout that lasts for 30-40 minutes. This ensures I get that kick of endorphins to refresh me and set me up for the rest of the day. I eat straight after.
  • Calls and meetings usually reserved for late afternoon where possible
  • Training and learning is reserved for early evening.
  • Sleep at 10.30am so that I get enough sleep and recharge.

Having good habits and being consistent is vital for being your most productive self. Once you’ve figured out what tasks you need to perform and when you’ll tackle them – in line with your body clock, then it’s a case of just organising your day appropriately.

My own productivity levels have drastically improved since I joined an amazing online community of marketing mentors. If you would like to learn more about how to organize your day, get into a growth mindset and become an online entrepreneur as I did, then I highly encourage you to click here. You can access free workshops presented by my mentor – Stuart Ross, who can help you re-orientate your future towards an online business for greater freedom and fulfillment.