A Rich vs Poor Mentality

To attract wealth and prosperity into your life, you need to start thinking and acting the way rich people do. You see, the rich have a different mentality to the poor and I want to highlight those differences to you in this video. Do let me know your thoughts below and don’t forget to subscribe to receive more videos just like this.

To start with, the poor tend to seek instant gratification. This may be in the form of that quick win, a lottery win, drugs, alcohol – or that paycheck to keep them afloat for the next month. This pattern of seeking the next pleasure or the next high is not sustainable in the long run. The rich will delay gratification. They will do those things that have long-term benefits and value. This may be reading a self-help book, going on a course, exercising regularly or associating with people who are high achievers. Such things do not produce results or a benefit straight away, but continuously doing these things has long term value.

Secondly – the poor will spend money on things that offer no or little future value. This may be designer gear, the latest iphone or a car that depreciates in value. The rich will rather invest their spare money to create returns and more money in the future. As a result, the rich are on the lookout for future opportunities or things that help create value. For example an investment property, a partnership, or an online business. They may even buy a luxury car. But in the example of a car, a rich person will find ways to make the most of that asset. This may hiring it out for events, or generating revenue from photo opportunities.

The poor will seek someone or something to blame if things don’t go their way. They look to external circumstances for reasons why they are where they are. Essentially they’re not taking responsibility for the outcomes in their life. If something doesn’t go right for a rich person, he will usually not complain. That person will look within themselves and try and understand what they could do better to improve next time. He or she would be accountable to themselves and are always striving to learn and improve.

Similar to the above, most rich people do not let failure get to them. They have the attitude that you only fail if you quit. The poor person mentality is that if they don’t see results from a venture or a course or stock market trading immediately – for example, they will quit in frustration and become deeply rooted in the fact that the system is broken and ‘doesn’t work’. This then becomes their outlook on future systems/opportunities, and in life in general. A view that everything is a scam or the odds of it being successful is against you.

The poor will look for opportunities that are ‘win-lose’ in nature. What this means is that they will seek those things that help or profit them and do not help or profit others. The rich tend to look for those opportunities that are ‘win-win’. Essentially they look at it from a more social and collaborative perspective. For example, they will identify or come up with those products that aid others or addresses a specific social problem. And if that product or service is well received, the rich person stands to gain as they are providing value to others. Therefore, a ‘win-win’ for everyone involved.

These examples highlight differences between the rich and poor. In addition, the more a poor person is stuck in a ‘poor persons’ mentality, the more difficult it becomes to shake it off. People who have gone from rags to riches do so because they do not let their surroundings and circumstances dictate what their future looks like. They are able to escape the pattern of thought and behaviour and think like a rich person would.