Is Time The Thing Holding You Back?

The other day I was talking to a friend of mine, Sean. And he said he was interested in starting his own online business – but the biggest thing holding him back was being so busy and lacking time.
He is probably right in that his work, family, commute and other commitments take up most of his time in the week, and little time he has left is to unwind and relax.
But then I asked him – why did he really want to build an online business? He said the main reason was so he could finally leave his corporate job and create more time for himself and his family.
Fair enough. Sean’s ‘why’ for starting an online business was clear in his mind.
Then I told him it was exactly the same for me. I really wanted to start an online business but felt that I didn’t have time to go through the steps of building an online business. But the ironic thing is that – in order to achieve the dream of ‘time freedom’, we have to commit time now to the process.
We have to commit time now to the process
What this means is – you have to sacrifice certain things in your day in order to build your business. You have to take the first step and say ‘ok i know I have limited time, but if I can carve out 1 hour each evening’ to build my online business – I will one step closer to my dream.
This is what I did when I started my online business training in February 2019. My thinking was – I really want to change my circumstances, and become a free man. In order to do this I’ll work every evening 9.30-11pm once I’ve done everything i need to do at home.
No TV.
It is a sacrifice, yes. But remember – nothing worthwhile comes easy.
So what I said to Sean was if you really, really want to change your life – then naturally you will do whatever is required to make it happen.
I then showed him the same online business training that I went through and just asked him to;
1. Commit a time slot to his education and implementation of the skills learnt every evening, and;
2. Follow the process taught – step by step.
So {!firstname_fix} – if you find that a lack of time is holding you back from building a business, ask yourself how bad do you really want a business?
For me it was a no-brainer. Find time and commit to it 🙂