How to make money writing online product reviews.

Online product reviews are powerful. I believe everybody should write one as it helps your audience to reach a decision, brings you traffic, credibility and can even provide you with an income stream!

My name is Anand, and I help working professionals start an online income from scratch – alongside your job. I also provide tips, tools and resources so that you can build and scale an online income without making mistakes like I did!

What are Online Reviews and Product Reviews?

Online reviews or product reviews are articles/blogs that assess a product or service. The author may have used the product or has extensive experience of that sector – and so can write about the pros and cons of the product.

The aim of the online review article is to provide an informed view on whether the reader should buy that product and to advise who the product is suited for.

You can write online reviews about any product or service. I have listed some examples below.

Why should you write an Online Product Review?

There are 3 reasons why you should write a product review article:

  1. Most people go online to find out more about a product.
  2. Product reviews are easier to rank high on Google.
  3. People who are reading reviews are ready to buy. They are considered ‘hot’.
Audience thermometer - product review articles will attract hot buyers,

When you’re interested in buying a product, what’s the first thing you do? Many people – including me, will search for that product in Google to read more about it. You might want to know the price or what other people think about it.

Basically, is the product worth buying?

The content is the article. This is the thing that people are specifically searching for on the Google or Bing, for example. People want to know more about a product – it’s pros and cons, and whether it is right for them. Your review article is the value/information that people need to validate the idea in their mind.

When people are searching for products, they are towards the end of the buying cycle. They are ‘solution aware’. They are considered very warm – or near hot prospects. That means they are ready to buy. They just need to go on Google and verify information, or get some reviews and testimonials. This is why writing a review article is effective.

Typically, this strategy will give you a higher click through rate (CTR). This means you’re likely to get more clicks per impression (views of the Google search results), compared to social media posts, for example.

Why You Should Write an Online Product Review (including Best Practices)

Online product reviews are a proven way to generate leads and convert those leads into buyers. But those conversions depend on the quality of the content you put out there.

Before starting to write a review article – you should Google what’s out there already.

Look at the reviews already out there. How will your review stand out?

Are you using more images, bullets, videos?

Are you giving more of an authoritative perspective compared to everybody else?

Maybe even buy the product yourself. Test it out! Give your opinion and experience.

You have to write an article that addresses your audience’s search query and bridges them to the product or a competing product.

Here is how a review article should be structured:

  1. Headline
  2. Introduction
  3. What is the name (product, service, person, theme)?
  4. How does it work?
  5. What do you like about it?
  6. Conclusion

Let’s go through each one by one:

1. Headline

  • Must get their attention, this will determine if they stay
  • Use your main KEYWORD in the headline
  • If you use odd numbers, they proven a higher CTR – “5 Best Funnel Builders…”
  • Use Superlatives – Top, Best, Powerful, World Class etc
  • Should be H1 format for SEO purposes

I would advise to write your headline after you write your review article. Once you know the crux of your article, it’s easier to write the headline – which would sum up your article.

The better you are at using adjectives and adverbs, i.e. ‘Naturally Discover…’, you more responsive people will be to your headline and article.

Learn copywriting to improve your headline and articles. See my blog post here on why you should learn high income skills, i.e. copywriting.

Sometimes you will need to test your headlines to get the perfect one. The ‘All In One SEO’ plugin for WordPress allows you to test headlines by assigning a score. The higher the score, the more effective your headline!

2. Introduction

  • Must get their attention, this will determine if they skim/read article.
  • Tease what will be in the article – ensure it addresses your customer’s needs and desires.
  • Think about their needs, desires, and the insight you will provide.
  • Bad Example – “Everything you need to know about XYZ, get the inside track here.”

The intro should be interesting and hook your reader. It may be a stat, insight or humour that keeps your reader engaged.

3. What Is The Name of Product or Service

  • What is the name?
  • Add general statement
  • What is the purpose?
  • Show images and videos if possible.

Include the keyword(s) of the product being reviewed. Here is where you talk about the product’s features.

Remember, too much text and people get bored. Use colour, images and videos where you can to break up your review article.

4. How Does It Work?

  • Do proper research on how it actually works.
  • Don’t be afraid to use bullets to explain how it works
  • Use Images or a graphic to depict the concept i.e. company’s website, other reviews, YouTube videos, AI
  • The goal is to explain it as easy and as simple as possible, so they get if they were to glance at it.

Ask yourself why do you look at reviews? For example, If I’m travelling I’d want to know about the hotel I’m visiting, it’s facilities and what places of interest it is close to.

5. What Do You Like About It?

  • Share the advantages
  • This creates trust
  • Don’t over sell it
  • You can use bullets
  • Share disadvantages
  • Give a reason on why, verify.
  • Don’t disparage, be logical
  • Tie to the desired outcome of the reader
  • You can use bullets

Give a balanced argument, as people can smell bullsh!t a mile away.

Don’t bash other companies or take an obvious bias towards something as it’s tasteless.

6. Conclusion

  • Summarize what you just told them.
  • This is where you create the value based on what you want them to click on
  • Introduce your call to action (‘CTA’)
  • Bridge the reader from what you have reviewed to what you are offering
  • Bring a perspective of Authority, i.e. demonstrate you know what they need and why what you’re offering is what they need for the desired outcome

This is important as some people go straight to the conclusion first.

The conclusion gives you another opportunity to bridge to your product or affiliate product.

General advice:

Don’t forget about your sub headlines (H2) and use your keyword in them

This is your opinion based on facts. It’s okay to share your opinion.

SEO Training will help you write better online review articles.

Don’t write a huge (>4000) review article. People generally skim and will focus on the key questions/queries that they have.


  1. Read other reviews for shortcuts and ideas
  2. Execute thorough research
  3. Use critical thinking for your insights
  4. Use ChatGPT to assist your article writing, but customize it to your own style and language : )


1. Bash or Disparage

2. Plagiarize

3. Use ChatGPT3 article and paste it as your article. Refine it with your own words

Learn how to write online product review articles for beginners.

Examples of Good Product Reviews

Here are some product review pages that are worth checking out for inspiration:

The above articles are great examples of product reviews – for these 10 reasons:

  1. A product comparison table, with features and pricing
  2. A pros and cons table
  3. Images
  4. Bullet points
  5. White space between paragraphs
  6. Concluding paragraph at the start
  7. Simple links for the reader to learn more or buy the product
  8. A rating system
  9. No click-bait headlines, or disparaging.
  10. Objective language.

How to make money writing product reviews?

When considering writing a product review, the aim should always be to help the reader. You should guide the reader about your product in an objective way.

Share your experience of the product, it’s pros and cons and why people should consider the product.

So, how to make money writing product reviews?

There are 3 main ways to make money writing product reviews:

  1. Use affiliate links in your article to your product or competing products. Many brands offer affiliate programs, including Amazon.
  2. Use CTA links to your own business/product in your article.
  3. Sell advertising or sponsorship space, i.e. Google Adsense

Monetizing your article will normally happen in the medium to long term.

The first step for you is to write a product review article that is useful for your audience, and addresses their queries or concerns. As traffic increases on your website, i.e. > 1000 visitors/month – then you’re in a great position to start making money from your product review article.

How to get traffic to your product review?

To monetize your site, you will first need to get traffic and visitors to your product review article. There are 3 main ways to do this:

Paid Ads

If you want get to targeted traffic faster, you can promote your article using Google Ads or Bing Search Ads. Of course, this strategy requires a budget and you have to learn the advertising platform. To learn how to post effective ads without wasting money and time – click here for free training on how the modern wealthy do it.

Social Media

Social media, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are great sources of traffic. They are widely used by billions of people. You should first know who your audience is before promoting your online review article on social media. If your audience or product users are a mature audience – then you may want to avoid posting on TikTok or Instagram which attracts a younger audience. Do your research first


If you want to get ‘organic’ or free traffic to your online review article – then you should definitely learn SEO strategies. By carefully structuring your article in the right way it will be eventually be recognised by Google – which will start to rank your article higher and attract more visitors.

Paid Ads and SEO are high income skills that everybody should learn in order to build a profitable online business. To learn paid ads and SEO techniques – click here.

Products to review for beginner bloggers

If you’re looking for products to review for your blog, start with one product to review. But you need to find a product that:

  1. You can confidently write about
  2. Has a good search volume, and relatively low-medium competition level within Google and other major search platforms.

Something you can confidently write about will depend on your experiences, knowledge and interests. You should start by writing down 3 columns and listing products and services you’ve used within each. It should look something like this:

How to decide what to write for an online product review article.

How to find keyword ideas

You can consider authors, books, electronics, courses, website builders or best coffee shops in xxx area.

You can research affiliate networks and programs, i.e. Clickbank, JV Zoo, Warrior+PLus etc.

If you go on these sites, you ‘ll see different niches and products that might resonate with your audience – including those products that are best selling.

Here is the site:

Clickbank research - for affiliate marketers who want to write an online product review article.

Click on ‘Top Offers’ to get an idea of those best selling products. You can write articles about these products/topics:

Clickbank product research - Knowing what products to write about for online product review articles,

You can create a review article around these products, for example.

Here is another example – this time from the Warrior Plus site. Here are the hot or trending items:

WarriorPlus product research - Knowing what products to write about for online product review articles,

You can see that AI (Artificial Intelligence) products are in demand!

Other ways to research hot niches or in demand products:

Google Trends – Tells you what’s trending or what are the popular searches. Check out my article on Google trends.

Google Alerts – Tells you what new content is being created relating to your niche or sector.

Google Keyword Planner – Helps you understand Google search result volumes and competition levels for specific keywords.

KeySearch.Co – Allows you to identify those in demand keywords, along with a variety of metrics – including domain authority and ease of ranking.

Keywords Everywhere – An extension that you add to Google Chrome that gives you instant metrics on a particular keyword when you search for it in Google.

Follow industry experts on social media – and see what topics they cover. They had huge audiences who will be interested in whatever the experts/authority figures are recommending. You can be a first mover on these products/services. Many podcast hosts recommend products on their podcasts. Consider creating a review article around these products – as they’ll be in demand.

Consider products and services that are related to your niche. You know about them or have used the product yourself. Remember you want to stand out as an authority in that topic!

Using Google Keyword Planner and KeySearch.Co, look for keywords with the following ideal metrics:

  • Search volume > 500/month
  • Competition score – Low-medium
  • Domain authority < 45

This ensures that you’re targeting keywords that have good search volume and are not too competitive.

Also, do a search for your keyword in Google and see what results come up. Can you write better product reviews than what is already there? Can you make your article longer, more informative? Use videos?

Can you compare your product with other products?

Can you insert a comparison table that simplifies features, benefits and price for your reader?

Example of Products To Review Online:

Below are examples of products and services that you can write an online product review about. Remember to do your initial research first on these topics.

Check out Google Trends, Keyword Planner, Keywords Everywhere and of course check out existing search results in Google first:

  • Dating websites and apps
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools
  • Electronics
  • Books
  • Best restaurants or cafes in a town/city
  • Best vegan restaurants in a town/city
  • Education courses
  • Software products for corporations
  • Make money online systems
  • Best XXX near me
  • Programs and seminars
  • Trading platforms

(It’s worth adding the current year at the end of your review article headline. This makes you article look up to date)

How to start an online business from scratch - Training teaches you how to write online product review articles.

Template for product reviews – Affiliate Blogger Template

If you’re an affiliate marketer, and looking for an affiliate blogger template – then I’ve got the perfect one for you. Click below for a free download of an affiliate blogger template:

It summarises everything I explained above and gives you the best chance of writing an effective online product review.

Also don’t forget the following tips;

  1. Use images
  2. Use bullet points
  3. White space between paragraphs
  4. Objective language

How can I improve my online review article?

You should always look to optimize and update your review article. Here are some ways:

Go to Google Search Console –

Google Search Console is a great place to see how your article is doing. You can see things like;

  • Impressions over time
  • Clicks over time
  • Search queries relating to your article
  • Countries with most view of your article

It’s a great way to check if your article isn’t getting attention.

Update your article content –

Review your content to see if it still makes sense. It’s worth verifying the list of features and benefits still apply, as well as checking pricing. You will have to do the same for the competing products if you have those listed too.

Check that you have the current year noted in your article. This makes a big difference in the search results.

Expand your article –

There will always be newer, competing articles that get published. Try and write more words or make your article longer and better than the competing articles that you find in Google search results. Maybe even try adding more images, videos and testimonials/reviews to make your article engaging.

Keywords –

Check that popular keywords are still listed in your product review site. You can do this by visiting sites such as KW Optimizer (Register – KW Optimizer), register for a new free account, enter your article URL link, upload your Google Search Console excel data – and look at the list of keywords that appear. Filter on those keywords with high impressions and zero ‘mentions’. These are the keywords you’d want to add to your article.

Images –

Check that any images you’ve used in your article have a description under the ‘Alt Image’ section. This is a section that allows you to write text to describe your article. It’s great for SEO. Also check that your images are optimized as bigger images take time for your page to load.

Headline –

If your article is not attracting much traffic, consider changing your headline. This is where SEO know-how helps. You’ll want to write a headline that describes your review article, has vivid and powerful words and also includes your main keyword!


Writing a review article is a great way to generate instant traffic, leads and sales. This is because people are further down the buying cycle and are more intent on buying. They are considered warm or hot prospects.

But they will only buy if your review article helps them with their query or concern about that specific product.

This is why it’s important to learn high income skills like copywriting, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and content creation. I wrote an article about why high income skills are so important.

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The training is all based on the concept of ‘Authority Marketing’ – which is where you position yourself as an authority in a niche based on your experience, insight, knowledge and results.

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