Focus Your Thoughts And Shift Results In Your Life!

Thoughts on auto-pilot

Our sub-conscious is the part of the brain that has been programmed and ingrained into since we are young.

It’s that bit of the brain that controls YOU on auto-pilot. For example, you breathe without realizing, you drive your car and make micro-movements of the steering wheel without putting much thought into it. And you blink without realizing.

This is all controlled by your sub-conscious.

You also have thoughts – that you may not even realize – but are driven by your subconscious.

And the subconscious thoughts are usually the first thoughts that come instantly into your brain following an action, incident or if someone says something to you.

Your subconscious mind causes you to feel emotionally and physically uncomfortable when you attempt something new or different. Because it goes against changing any of your established patterns of behavior.


Focus your thoughts

Now your thoughts drive your beliefs about life, and your beliefs drive your actions – so essentially your thoughts drive your actions. So pay close attention to your subconscious thoughts.

While building my online business, I was always thinking about the fact that I’ve got another child on the way. My 2nd child. And because of that, my expenses will be higher, and so I need to make more sales and earn more money.

I was focusing on the fact that I wasn’t earning enough at that point from my online business and felt fearful.

Essentially my subconscious overriding thoughts were one of ‘lack’. I felt I was lacking financially.

interest to earnings using online business

Do you focus on lack?

When ‘lack’ becomes the override thought and feeling this can easily become a new embedded belief. I can end up living and believing in my state of ‘lack’.

And so this state means you are restricting yourself and are subconsciously closed off from attracting the positive things like abundance and wealth – which are the actual things I desired.

The key is to redress the balance.

lack and scarcity

If you find that your subconscious thoughts are overwhelmingly negative, or bring about the feeling of lack – for example, then you first need to recognize this sub-conscious thought.

Once you recognize this thought, you instantly need to pause and think of a positive thought, like imagining my first £20k month.

But not just imagining that outcome – but actually feeling it!

Because when you can combine the thoughts (mind) with the feeling and emotion (body), then that is when true alignment occurs. 

This is when your natural body energy frequency increases and you will resonate with those higher frequency things and people. In other words, you will start to attract those things you desire in life.

How do you combine your thoughts and feelings practically? Meditation is the best way.


Co-ordinate your thoughts

You should continually be aware of your subconscious thoughts and catch yourself thinking about them.

What I do is make a note of them on my phone straightaway. And next to each one, I write why down this negative subconscious thought is ridiculous and not even true because of x, y or z.

So I completely address the negative thought and look to explain why it is unrealistic. Make it a point constantly throughout your day to identify where you’ve had a negative subconscious thought.

Do it at the end of the day as-well. The more you can recognise, capture and explain why that negative subconscious thought is ridiculous and not realistic, the more you start making the shift towards the right kind of thoughts.

Shift your thoughts, shift results in your life

Now shifting your subconscious thoughts and therefore your beliefs is one aspect of self improvement and manifesting what you want into your life. But equally – if not more important, is to shift your identity.

What this means is you need to embody the person you want to become. Ask yourself – is your current character that same character that you envision being when your reach your big goals, i.e. that $20k month? If not, then get yourself into that new identity or character first. For me that is Anand 2.0.

Check out this article on how to exude confidence.

This version of me recognizes his negative subconscious thoughts.

This version changes his beliefs and subsequently his actions and embodies the identity of someone who has already achieved that $20k monthly income goal.

This version of me has a higher energy state.


To summarize, it all starts with focusing your thoughts – especially your subconscious thoughts. You will then be able to change your beliefs.

Meditation is a great way to focus on your thoughts, get awareness and alignment to the type of thoughts you want.

As a result you will change your actions and embody your new identity. This new identity is the new version of you.


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