Convertri Review – 8 Reasons Why Convertri Is A Killer!

Convertri Review

I have been using Convertri for over 5 years now, and in this article I’ll give you the low-down in this Convertri review:

#1 – Fast page load speeds

A lot of people asking me about Convertri vs ClickFunnels. In my opinion, Convertri stands apart when it comes to fast load speeds!

A key feature of Convertri and what drew me to this page builder – is the instantaneous page load speed. People want pages to load fast, otherwise they lose interest and get put off. And this is especially important for ranking in Google. Especially for Google Paid Ads – page speed is a hugely important factor when determining the quality of the page, and therefore determines its ranking.

Convertri pages load within 1 second! That is for both desktop and mobile versions of the Convertri-built page. Check it out in the demonstration video above.

Other page builders like Clickfunnels and LeadPages have nowhere near this speed. ClickFunnels especially has alot of CSS files, third party and Java scripts – which slow it down.

Note that a load-time delay of just a single second can reduce mobile conversions by 20%.

A load speed of 3 seconds increases bounce rate by 52%.

Convertri review - 8 reasons why Convertri is a killer!

#2 – Free form page builder

One of my favorite features of Convertri is it’s free form page builder functionality. This means you can create professional looking pages just by dragging and dropping elements. It is that easy!

Check it out in the demonstration video above.

#3 – Mobile format can be customized

Similarly to #2 – in Convertri you can design pages how you want them to look for mobile phones. This is awesome because it is free-form, and you just simply drag and drop the elements. For ClickFunnels and LeadPages – you have to use the forced responsive mobile layout, i.e. there is no flexibility to customize how you want your page to look when viewed on mobile.

Check it out in the demonstration video above.


#4 – Split Test feature (so simple!)

Another fantastic feature of Convertri is the ‘Split Test’ option. This allows you to create versions of the same landing page and test conversions of each. For example you might want to change the headline in one version and test the subsequent conversions. Or you may wish to change the button color in one version and test the subsequent conversions. Convertri have made this very easy to use.

Once you see that one version of the page is outperforming the other, you simply end the split test and it will use the version you want in your funnel.

#5 – Easily import external pages and funnels

Have you ever seen a web-page and thought wow – I love the look of that? But when you start to recreate yourself – you can’t get it looking the same.

Well, with Convertri, you can simply import whole pages to your funnel.

You simply enter the external URL and it will replicate it in design format for you to start customizing. Of course, it goes without saying that you should never just copy a whole page. And for legal (and obvious) reasons, you should be sure to remove the vendor’s assets, logos and branding.

This is great for beginners, especially those interested in start an affiliate marketing business. Check out this article on affiliate marketing and how it works.

#6 – Easy to embed scripts

You can also easily insert scripts into the funnel. Then you copy and paste the script into either the body or the head.

Convertri allows you to insert scripts at the account level, funnel level or at the page level.

#7 – Ease of integration with external platforms (i.e. Facebook, Aweber, Google Analytics, etc)

Convertri also makes it very easy to integrate external platforms with your Convertri page. You simply click on integrations and select the platform/vendor that you want to integrate. For example if you want to link the email autoresponder ‘Aweber’ – you just click on the icon, enter your log in details and it will be connected to your Convertri funnel.

#8 – All pages created are automatically SSL

And finally all pages created in Convertri are automatically SSL. This is an encrypted channel between the client and server – which means that your passwords, log in details, credit card details and other personal information are all secure on the Convertri pages.


So those are my 8 reasons why I use Convertri, and why I would always recommend Convertri to build your funnels and webpages over ClickFunnels, say. Especially if you are new to page building.

And for a 9th bonus reason – Convertri is cost effective.

For the basic package, you get more pages, funnels and domains for your money compared to ClickFunnels and LeadPages.

>>If you’re keen to start building your webpages using Convertri – then click here. <<

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