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6 Reasons Why Rental Property Is Always A Winner

There are a whole host of investments out there, each with unique risk, liquidity and feasibility characteristics. I firmly believe in diversifying your portfolio, but for this post I want to share why I’m a fan of property investment and think that it’s something everyone should and can invest in. Not forgetting its an actual […]

Why I Fu*&king Hate The Corporate Job

AFTER WORKING IN THE CORPORATE FINANCE WORLD for 13 years, I wanted to list out those pain points which has drove me mad and encouraged me to look for an alternative way of working. I’m sure some or all of these will resonate with you! The Daily Grind Having to conform to working hours just […]

Imagine and achieve your goals

If you want to achieve your goals, you must become a master at visualization. Only then can you imagine and achieve your goals! This is backed up by science and research. Hear me out… Reticular Activating System You see, your brain has a network of neurons that connect the spinal chord with the brain and […]

4 Realistic Ways To Make Money Online

For many people, making money online represent the ideal way to live a life of freedom from having more time and choices. But at the same time, there’s a misconception that you need to have wonderful technical skills, a flashy website, an in-demand and hot product, a support team and a warehouse to house stock. […]

Balancing An Online Venture And External Commitments

Balancing an online venture with external commitments can be a struggle, and you may feel that you are not able to give as much attention to a lot of areas in your life. It’s a balancing act, but managed effectively can be highly rewarding. When i started out on my journey to create an online […]

The Economic Machine

World economics and macro finance can seem like a complex web of interdependancies, especially when combined with the roller coast that is the financial markets. As someone who has a background in Finance and Investing, one of my favourite ever videos to summarize growth, interest rates, inflation and the economic cycles is ‘How the Economic […]